Interim Vetting Committee Members

Sabina Karanu – Chair
Ruth Ndathe
M. Fondo Nzovu – Ministry of Cooperatives

Who Can Be The Vetting Committee Member?

  1. Must be an Active member who has consistently contributed to monthly deposits to K-NADS Savings account for the last SIX months.
  2. Must be able and willing to work closely with other Board members and members of other Committees.
  3. Must have knowledge of K-NADS, its Core Values, and The Cooperative Society Act in general.
  4. Must be actively involved in K-NADS activities, including recruiting, educating, marketing, on social media, in person or any other K-NADS business.
  5. Must meet eligibility criteria as laid out in our K-NADS ByLaws.
  6. Must demonstrate leadership skills.
  7. Must have a valid Kenyan identity.
  8. Must be willing to work without pay (Pro Bono), except for the agreed seating allowance.
  9. Must be available and flexible to attend Board/Committee meetings at the request of the Board and be aware that these meetings often run for long hours.
  10. Must not openly voice political opinions that could jeopardize/compromise the integrity of K-NADS affairs on social media or any K-NADS forums.
  11. Accept to serve on as needed basis.

Functions of the Vetting Committee

  • To ensure that elections are held as stipulated in the K-NADS ByLaws.
  • To thoroughly vetting members of the Board, and other committees as stipulated by the K-NADS ByLaws, or/and as voted by the Members.
  • To ensure that only members that have the best interest of K-NADS and will abide by the Code of Ethics are selected to the Board and other committees.
  • To report the vetted results of each nominee with reasons as to why each did not meet the requirements per listed criteria for the vetting members.
  • To report the evaluation of each nominee with recommendations for those who meet the criteria.
  • To ensure only the most qualified and competent nominees are elected into the Boars, the Supervisory and all other Committees per the criteria set forth.
  • To report to the Board in a timely manner the elected members of the board and other committees so as to enable a timely reporting to the Cooperative society/Commissioners as required by the ByLaws.

Meetings of the Vetting Committee

  • Meet as required based on the need of nominations needed.
  • The Credit officer of the society shall at all times make available to the Credit committee.
  • The Vetting Committee meeting in normally chaired by the chairperson.